This book was illustrated entirely by Greg, with 32 paintings. I've placed a caption under each picture of each story, but to really appreciate them, you can purchase your own copy from Greg at Spiderwebart Gallery! What is on this page are the last 16 pictures.

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Edgar Allen Poe

Premature Burial
Nightmare of the Crypt
The Assignation
The Promise
The Black Cat
The Eyes of Death
The Oval Portrait
By Love Obsessed
Death's Peace
Annabel Lee
Remembrance of Youth
The Raven
The Raven's Message
The Pit & Pendulum
The Trial
The Pit & Pendulum
Descending Doom
Case of M. Valdemar
Release of the Soul
Fall /House of Usher
Returning to the Past
Fall /House of Usher
The Dying Curse
Masque of Red Death
Fear From Within
Dr. Tarr/Prof. Fether
The Asylum


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